Translation: Notice on Conducting the ‘Clear 2022 Comprehensive Governance of Algorithms’ Special Action


April 11, 2022

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April 11, 2022

This translation was adapted by Graham Webster for DigiChina style based on an earlier translation by China Law Translate


Archived copy:

Notice on Conducting the ‘Clear 2022 Comprehensive Governance of Algorithms’ Special Action

To all provincial, autonomous region, or directly governed municipality Party Committee cybersecurity and informatization offices, and the Party Committee cybersecurity and informatization office of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

In order to strengthen the comprehensive governance of internet information service algorithms; to effectively promote the effective implementation of the Internet Information Service Algorithmic Recommendation Management Provisions (hereinafter "the Management Provisions"); to carry forward the Core Socialist Values; to safeguard national security and the societal public interest; to protect the lawful rights and interests of citizens, legal persons, and other organizations; and to promote the healthy and orderly development of internet information services; the Cyberspace Administration of China (中央网信办) takes the lead in conducting the “Clear 2022 Comprehensive Governance of Algorithms” special action. Notice of related matters is hereby given as follows: 

I. Work Objectives

Focus on netizens' concerns; resolve challenges in algorithms; safeguard netizens' lawful rights and interests; realize and implement the Management Provisions; thoroughly look into and correct security issues in internet enterprise platform algorithms; assess algorithm security capacity; emphasize inspections of large-scale websites, platforms, and products that have larger public opinion properties or capacity for social mobilization; urge enterprises to use algorithms to increase the dissemination of positive energy, to handle illegal and harmful information, to correct algorithm abuse and disorder (算法滥用乱象), to actively carry out the filing of algorithms; promote the normalization and regulation of the comprehensive governance of algorithms; and create a clean and positive cyberspace environment.

II. Main Tasks 

The special action will be carried out from this day until the beginning of December 2022, and it mainly includes the following five aspects:

(1) Organizing self-inspection and self-correction. Guide internet enterprises in comprehensively cleaning up the use of algorithms with reference to the relevant requirements of the Management Provisions; conduct in-depth assessments of algorithm security capabilities; actively employ effective measures; rectify problems in the use of algorithms; eliminate latent risks in algorithm security; and safeguard the lawful rights and interests of netizens.

(2) Carrying out on-site inspections. The Cyberspace Administration of China is to take the lead in forming a joint inspection group in conjunction with relevant departments and local cybersecurity and informatization departments to carry out on-site inspections of some Internet enterprises; and, in consideration of actual local conditions, local cybersecurity and informatization departments may carry out inspections on other enterprises in their region, focusing on checking enterprise algorithm compliance and algorithm security capabilities.

(3) Overseeing the filing of algorithms. Publicize and explain to enterprises the parts of the Management Provisions about the overall principles, scope, requirements to complete reports, channels for consultation, etc., for filing internet information service algorithms; urge the enterprises to finish clearing up the use of algorithms as soon as possible, and promptly carry out submission of algorithm filing information. 

(4) Consolidating entity responsibility (主体责任). Urge enterprises to allocate institutional bodies and dedicated personnel for the governance of algorithm security corresponding to the scope of operations; to establish and improve rules systems related to algorithm security; to actively use algorithm services to disseminate positive energy, address illegal or harmful information, etc.; to monitor algorithm abuse and disorder; and to prevent threats to algorithm security.

(5) Rectification of problems within time limits. Where inspections find problems such as incomplete measures, inadequate implementation, or unsatisfactory results, give prompt feedback to the enterprises and urge them to make corrections within a set period of time; and where enterprises have violations of laws or regulations, they are to be strictly held accountable, punished, and ordered to make corrections on the basis of the Management Provisions. 

III. Work Requirements

(1) Increase ideological awareness. Deeply recognize the importance and urgency of efforts to comprehensively govern internet information service algorithms, placing great emphasis on this special action, and including the comprehensive governance of algorithms in the schedule of key work. 

(2) Strengthen organizational leadership. Closely cooperate, strictly follow work allocations and arrangements, advance all tasks in an orderly manner, and urge and guide enterprises and platforms in earnestly inspecting and correcting themselves, actively cooperating with inspections, and conscientiously completing rectification.

(3) Highlight effective work. Thoroughly understand the relevant requirements of the Management Provisions, and where disorder in algorithms is discovered, find the crux of the problem, clarify the requirements for correcting it, and give punishments and dispositions in accordance with law, to ensure the efficacy of the special action. 

(4) Strictly observe work discipline. Strictly comply with regulations related to epidemic prevention and control, regulate processes and operations, strengthen the awareness of security and confidentiality, persist in integrity [non-corruption] and discipline, and strengthen personnel management; there must be no leak of information, favoring of relatives and friends, or covert manipulation.

Cyberspace Administration of China Secretariat

April 8, 2022